My Story

 All about my dolls world and me!


Hi, my name is Ameniye, I am 10 years old and the creator of “Ameniye’s Doll’s World” a dolls fashion boutique.


I have been designing, making and selling dolls clothes since the age of 7!


I enjoy making dolls' clothes and accessories for my dolls' at home. When I was seven years old I attended the Ultra Kids Club* (a business school for children) once a week. Ultra Kids taught me about business and gave me the opportunity to sell my creations at their children's business fairs. This is what first inspired me to start 'Ameniye's Dolls' world'. I get to do what i love and inspire other children to bring their ideas to life too.


I sell dolls of colour and their outfits are designed and handmade by me with a little help from my friends and mum of course.

You can choose from six types of dolls with different skin tones and a choice of afro, wavy or straight hair. Once you've chosen your doll/s you can then select their outfit (styles vary from month to month). 

I hope you like my web shop and recommend my products to your family and friends. Also, check out my Instagram account ameniye2008.


Happy Shopping :-)

* Click on the link to take you to the Ultra Kids website.